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This page is an overview of the various Games and RPG related activities that I am involved in. I have set it up as ‘looking for players’ so that if you are interested in one of these campaigns, (some of which are ‘in development’,) that we can start a dialog about open spots, or your involvement in an upcoming campaign.

I use various ‘online’ tools that allow for ‘long distance’ groups to play as well. Feel free to leave a ‘Join’ this campaign or leave a comment to show your interest in a game even if you don’t live close to Idaho Falls.

-This reference table contains links to Campaigns and related RPG activities: -

System Campaign Name When Played How Often Role GM
==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====
Toypocolypse Awakenings Sat. 8:00pm Weekly Player Trevor Christensen
Warhammer 2nd ed Discretion Thurs 6:00pm Weekly player Trevor Christensen
Locus World Intro Sat. 10:00am Weekly Player Trevor Christensen
Pathfinder Carrion Crown Fri. 7:00 Bi-Monthly GM-in prep Wade Hone
Gamma World Survive and Conquer Will play this - after Toypoc. GM Wade Hone
Eclipse Phase The Abyss Thurs 6:00pm on hold Player Jay Larson
Semerial World Design a work in progress Designer Wade Hone

To invite players to participate in a Campaign via Obsidian Portal, Click on the ‘Manage Members’ link in the right sidebar and send them an invite to join the campaign. If you are visiting this site, and are interested in playing in a game – send an e-mail to wadehone@hotmail.com or, join this campaign.

Coming soon the Haarlock wiki.

Overview of Campaigns

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